Getting Started with Amazon Handmade

Discover a new platform for handmade creations: learn about Amazon Handmade's features, requirements, and tips for selling.

If you’re an Etsy seller looking to expand your handmade business, Amazon Handmade may be worth exploring. Amazon Handmade is a marketplace for handmade products, allowing artisans and makers to sell their unique creations to a wider audience. As an Etsy seller, you already have experience in selling handmade products online, so you may find it easy to navigate Amazon Handmade. However, there are some differences between the two platforms that you should be aware of. In this guide, we will provide you with an overview of Amazon Handmade, including its features, requirements, and tips for success, to help you get started.

Key Features of the Handmade Marketplace

Like Etsy, Amazon Handmade is a platform where sellers can list and sell their handmade products. Some of the features of Amazon Handmade include:

  • A dedicated storefront for handmade products
  • A curated selection of products
  • A customizable profile page for sellers
  • Integration with Amazon Prime for fast and free shipping
  • Access to Amazon’s customer base

Requirements for Selling Your Handmade Products

To sell on Amazon Handmade, you must meet certain requirements, including:

  • Your products must be handmade, hand-altered, or hand-assembled
  • You must be an artisan or maker who personally creates and produces the products you sell
  • You must provide high-quality images of your products
  • You must have a professional seller account on Amazon
  • You must meet Amazon’s seller performance standards

Understanding Fees and Costs

Like Etsy, Amazon Handmade charges fees to sellers for using its platform. Here are some of the fees you can expect:

  • Referral fee: Amazon charges a referral fee on each sale made on its platform. The referral fee varies depending on the category of the product, and ranges from 6% to 15% of the item’s sale price.
  • Subscription fee: If you’re a professional seller on Amazon, you’ll need to pay a monthly subscription fee of $39.99. This fee gives you access to additional features on the platform, including the ability to create promotions and discounts.
  • Fulfillment fees: If you choose to use Amazon’s fulfillment services, you’ll need to pay fees for storage, picking, packing, and shipping your products. The fees vary depending on the size and weight of your products, as well as the time of year.
  • Advertising fees: If you choose to participate in Amazon’s advertising programs, such as Sponsored Products or Amazon Handmade Marketing, you’ll need to pay fees for each click or impression.

It’s important to factor in these fees when pricing your products on Amazon Handmade. You’ll want to make sure that your prices are competitive, but also cover the cost of these fees and still leave you with a profit.

Tips for Success on Amazon Handmade

To increase your chances of success on Amazon Handmade, here are some tips:

  • Optimize your listings: Make sure your product descriptions are detailed and accurate, and include high-quality images that showcase your products in the best possible way. 
  • Price your products competitively: Amazon Handmade is a competitive marketplace, so make sure your prices are in line with your competitors.
  • Offer great customer service: Respond promptly to customer inquiries, and make sure you provide accurate information about shipping and delivery times.
  • Promote your products: Use social media and other marketing channels to promote your products and drive traffic to your Amazon Handmade storefront.
  • Participate in Amazon’s advertising programs: Consider participating in Amazon’s advertising programs, such as Sponsored Products or Amazon Handmade Marketing, to increase visibility for your products.

Cheatsheet: Amazon Handmade Fees

Chart of Amazon Handmade fees: Referral, Subscription, Fulfillment, and Advertising fees.
Download the Amazon Fee Cheatsheet.

Wrap up

Amazon Handmade is a great platform for Etsy sellers who are looking to expand their handmade business. By understanding the features and requirements of Amazon Handmade, and following the tips for success, you can increase your chances of reaching a wider audience and growing your business.

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