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Etsy Fee Calculator

Revenue $5.00
Cost $1.00
Listing Fee $0.20
Transaction Fee $0.33
Processing Fee $0.40
Total Cost $1.93
Profit $3.08

Total Profit


Total Etsy Fees


Profit Margin


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This calculator is designed to help you estimate the fees and costs associated with selling a product on Etsy, and to calculate your potential profit.

The total cost calculation includes the transaction fee, processing fee, and a fixed cost of $0.20. These fees are deducted from the selling price and added to the cost of the item to determine the total cost.

Profit is calculated by subtracting the total cost from the selling price. This represents the amount of money you will make after accounting for all fees and costs associated with selling the item.

No, the transaction and processing fees are fixed values based on the selling price. The transaction fee is 6.5% of the selling price, while the processing fee is $0.30 plus 3% of the selling price.

The “Etsy Fees” section of the donut chart represents the total amount of fees charged by Etsy for selling the item. This includes the transaction fee and processing fee, as well as any additional fees charged by Etsy for listing, promoting, or selling the item.

The calculations provided by this calculator are estimates based on the input values provided. Actual fees and costs may vary depending on a variety of factors, including the selling price, shipping costs, and other expenses associated with selling the item.

By using the calculator, you can gain insight into the costs of selling on Etsy and adjust your prices and production costs accordingly to maximize your profit margins. You may also find it helpful to compare your Etsy fees to other online marketplaces or selling methods to determine the most profitable selling strategy for your products.