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Take your Etsy shop to the next level with our must-have collection of free resources and tools.

Sales Tax Calculator

Effortlessly calculate sales tax easily with our calculator and list of 50 state sales tax rates.

Discount Calculator

Our discount calculator can help you plan discounts and sale prices.

Etsy SEO Checklist

Discover the essentials of doing SEO right on Etsy with our checklist

Privacy Policy Generator

Generate a custom privacy policy for your Etsy shop.

Etsy Glossary

Over 90+ terms that every Etsy seller should know

Product Price Calculator

Calculate the ideal retail price and profit margin for your products.

DMCA Takedown Notice Generator

Use our DMCA Takedown Notice tool to protect your copyrighted content.

Etsy Fee Calculator

Maximize your profits on Etsy with our fee calculator tool

Sell Anywhere

Grow your shop no matter where your customers prefer to shop.

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Learn the latest tips, tricks, and best practices for running your shop.

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