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This calculator is for Etsy sellers who want to calculate the cost per unit, retail price, and retail profit of their products.

You need to provide the cost of supplies, the number of items made, the hours it takes to create the items, your hourly rate, and the desired markup percentage.

The cost per unit is the total cost of supplies and labor divided by the number of items made. This calculator takes into account the cost of supplies, hours spent creating the items, and hourly rate to help you determine your cost per unit.

The retail price is calculated by adding the desired markup percentage to the cost per unit. The markup percentage is based on how much profit you want to make per item.

Retail profit per product is the difference between the retail price and the cost per unit. It represents the amount of profit you will make per unit sold.

Total retail profit is calculated by multiplying the retail profit per product by the number of items made. This represents the total amount of profit you will make for all items sold.