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Batch Processing

What is batch processing?

Batch processing is a method of processing transactions in large groups or batches, rather than individually. In the context of ecommerce, batch processing is often used for tasks such as order fulfillment, payment processing, and inventory management.

How does batch processing work

An apparel company can use batch processing to fulfill a large volume of orders at the end of the day, rather than processing each order individually as it is received. This approach can help the company manage a high volume of orders more efficiently and reduce the processing time required for each transaction. Similarly, payment processing can also be done in batches, such as collecting all the transactions from a day and processing them as a batch overnight, which can help streamline payment processing and reduce the burden on payment processing systems.

Why use batch processing

By using batch processing, ecommerce businesses can efficiently manage large volumes of transactions, scale their operations, and handle increased transaction volumes without sacrificing processing speed or accuracy.

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